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"We can say with all sincerity we wish Rick the best on future projects. It is without reservation, I am sincerely recommending Rick for your next building project needs."

Vaughn Veit

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"Rick was extremely creative in the design of the home, adding details we would never have thought of ourselves. He helped create a dream home for us while keeping us in budget."

Brent and Katie Bowers

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"If you want a project done well and on time, Rick Straus is the person you want."

Scott A. Holm

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"I know he will meet any and all challenges construction can serve at him with integrity, zeal and tenacity."

A.P. Kociscak

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"We feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Rick as our builder and would be more than happy to talk with anyone interested in having Rick build their home or structure for them."

John and Karen La Fond

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"Working with Rick each day was like having a master carpenter as well as an architect on site."

Douglas McMillan

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"I can honestly say that I was glad Rick was the man in charge of everything. If I do another project, you can bet that there is nobody else I’d consider for the job other than Rick Straus and JCKing Builders."

Gregg Karnis, Pronto Pup Owner

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"Rick made several wonderful suggestions in regards to items we didn't realize we might run into. Rick tried to get as much information into our contract to give us as complete a picture of our job as he could."

Vicki and Carl Logan

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"Rick continues to be committed to service even after we've moved in."

Rob Rogers

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"The quality and craftsmanship was top notch..."

Chris and Heather Vincent

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"Rick was always thinking ahead for us to make sure things were done the way we needed them. When we build again I wouldn't even think of getting a bid from anyone else except Rick."

Jeff Kowalski

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"Rick was actively involved on the job site and spoke with us on a daily basis. We were always able to reach him."

Dave and Patti Erickson

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"While working with Rick, he demonstrated and coordinated great communication strengths. His coordination with numerous artisans produced a superb finished product."

Vaughn and Chrys Veit

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"To put it in a nutshell, the experience was absolutely fantastic."

Gregg Karnis

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