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We are the "A-Team" passionate about our craft, and more importantly, creating a space for you that is alive and energizing. This includes keeping up with industry trends and having the expert wisdom that can only come from so many projects and materials used and tested in the field.

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Michael Doyle
"Both Mary and I were very impressed with several aspects of your product: Your dedication to detail exceeded our expectations and had a significant positive impact on the project outcome. You delivered a beautiful end product with excellent craftsmanship.  We also appreciated the way that you talked us through options and outcomes on the project.  Your frank advice and flexibility to accommodate changes was highly valuable."
James and Alana Davis
“He is a visionary and sees the bigger picture and higher purpose. He has integrity and drive and seeks to learn continually. A strong technical background honed over his lifetime has given him the experience and character to build a stellar reputation in the construction field."
Jeff Kowalski
"Rick Straus gave us a bid for an addition to our home that would be my new office. He came in with a bid that we felt comfortable with and hired him to do the job. Rick helped us build not just another office but a log cabin retreat where my customers have come and many do not want to leave!  Now we’re able to help people with almost any health problems they have, in an environment everyone loves. Rick was always thinking ahead for us to make sure things were done the way we needed them. When we build again I wouldn’t even think of getting a bid from anyone else except Rick. Thanks for the wonderful job!"
Gregg W. Karnis
“My family and I have recently had built a new custom home constructed for us by Rick Straus of  JCKing builders in 2005.  I’m personally taking the time to tell anyone who is considering hiring  Rick Straus to do a project for them the experience we had building with him.  To put it in a nutshell, the experience was absolutely fantastic.  I personally was in the home remodeling  business for nearly 5 years.  As a result, not only have I heard of all of the horror stories in the business,  but I have also been wrapped up in them.  The first and foremost thing that my wife and I appreciated was how Rick built our house with as much  fervor as though he was building one for his own family.  His full time concern for the project was  astounding.  He was also a man of his word.  If Rick said something was going to get done, it would get  done."
Douglas McMillan
“I write this letter on behalf of Rick Straus.  It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Rick on two extensive renovation projects. You could not find a better partner then Rick Straus to work on projects of this magnitude.  Not only is  Rick an exceptional carpenter and craftsman, he is also endowed with exceptional design capabilities.  Working with Rick each day was like having a master carpenter as well as an architect on  site.  He is honest and patient, he is talented and most of all he cares about the outcome of the job.  I  simply cannot recommend him more highly. ”
David Erickson
“Rick has studied extensively every aspect of the home building process.  Many of the other builders we spoke with are excellent job coordinators with excellent people working for them.  Rick is not only an excellent job coordinator, but he also has the ability and knowledge to do the job of each specific part of the building process. Rick was also very happy to allow us the freedom to take an active part in the building of our home.  A family member of ours owns a glass company; we wanted him to do our interior glass and mirrors."
Scott A. Holm
“Rick is very knowledgeable with all facets of the construction industry and thus his communication skills are excellent at all stages of the project:  from the designers, architects, engineers, to suppliers, tradesmen, inspectors and owners.  His ability to coordinate the work and team atmosphere of subcontractors is invaluable.  Rick’s attention to detail is a skill set that is so vital to completing a project successfully.  He is very thorough and well organized."
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  • You stand to gain more value through your participation with your Professional Construction Manager.
  • By choosing to work with JCKing you gain immediate equity. That translates into savings, and money in your pocket.
  • Our PCM team has experienced and reliable Tradesmen, our supervisors have the experience and highest standards in the industry.
  • Our Team brings resolve and coordination, coupled with an uncompromising spirit to deliver the best possible outcome with your project.
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